When I was growing up (and really, who doesn’t love something that starts out with ‘when I was growing up’, because it usually evolves into something where I had to walk up hill both ways to school, didn’t have iPod’s, no internet, no cell-phones, and then you – as the listener of the story – find yourself getting sleepy and suddenly can only think about kittens running through a meadow of daisies…mmm…daisies), my brother had a teddy bear named Bartholomew. I really did like that bear, but I had a little bit of difficulty pronouncing his name, so until this situation could be remedied, he became ‘Bart’ to me. What does this have to do with anything, I’m sure my dear Friends of Blog are asking yourselves right now? Well, let me tell you.

You see, the doors of the FunCenter opened up on a day not so long ago, and a lovely young lady by the name of Harper strolled into our lives! Wahoo for that! Annnnnnnd…Harper brought with her the most lovely teddy bear I do swear I have ever seen. It was bigger than her! It made ol’ Bart seem like a sad ol’ joke (don’t tell him that.)

What can I say about Harper other than she was totally wonderfully gorgeous, and our time with her was all too short. Well, I think we’ve had enough of these silly words, and we need to get to some straight up staring at the cuteness that is Harper! To all my peeps, MuchLove, and – Enjoy!

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