There is no rest for the Otis & James Empire of Love! We are working 24/7 to ensure that your bliggityblog is the happiest, shiniest, brightest bliggitlyblog on the face of the Earth! We have a crack team of professionals working their fingers to the nub [ed. Congratulations, Mr. Otis…you’ve finally figured out a way to use the word ‘nub’ in a post. It only took you three years.], and they do this all for you, the viewing audience.

Do you want to know why they do this? It’s not for the money or for the fame (cougars love me!), oh no no, it’s so we can have the good pleasure of showing bright and shiny and happy (seems to me that I’ve heard those adjectives somewhere before…where was that…oh yes! Up just a couple of sentences!) sample pictosnaps, such as the the lovely ones just a few sentences away!

I suppose you’re wondering who this lovely youngster [ed. Youngster?] is, and let me tell you this, in case you weren’t able to figure it out from the title of this post, the name is Aiden! Aiden & entourage (it’s crazy how everyone has an entourage now) stopped by the FunCenter for Fun the other day for some supersweet snaps, and – true to the awesomeness that is Aiden – it was totally and completely awesome!

Again, good peeps of blog, I could ramble on about this, but why listen to me when you can just put these words away and look at the snaps so lovely? So, without any further delay, me thinks it be time to give MuchLove & ManyThanks to Aiden, and to all of you out there in the snowy World of Blog – Enjoy!

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