LJ & Becca :: The Florida Edition!

Well, hello there! Guess what time it is. Well, I can’t actually hear you, because if I could that might be a little creepy. So I’m just going to tell you what time it is.

It’s time for another installment of some LJ & Becca pics! For those of you out there in Land of Blog that don’t know who LJ and Becca are, or what LJ even stands for…well, LJ is Little Jesse, son of Becca & Jesse, and Becca is Sister of our one and only Queen James Approximately – Jamie!  And – as if that wasn’t enough – LJ is Godson to Otis & James! So, he gets a lot of pictures…and love!

OK, got all that? Great. Cause it’s time for sweetlysnaps now. MuchLove to one and all, and to my good peeps of blog – Enjoy!

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