Open House Roundup Report

Well, here I am practically a week later to report that the Senior Open House was a resounding success! Fun was had by all, and we are so very excited to work with all of our new Seniors over the coming months!

For those of you that booked a session that day, you were elegible for one of our totally sweet prizes, and all of the prize winners can be found by clicking HERE.

Now, let’s say that you weren’t able to make it to this event, but you still want to book a graduating 2009 Senior Session, you better call us soon! Availability is going quickly! You can stop by our studio, or call us at 701.838.6181, or you can even e.mail us at – but do it quick! Click HERE to find all about these summer sessions.

And, of course, a big thank you to everyone that helped make this possible: Scott & Kacie, Maureen, Emily – nothing is possible without all of your hard work! And a big thanks to all of our friends and family that have been oh so supportive over the past few years – thank you thank you thank you! Special thanks to Dan for the projector, to Luke for being so charming and being a pinch-hitter, and a superthankyou to Mr. Chris Brown for his incredible screen printing skillz!

Oh, and – as usual – we didn’t take any pictures during the open house (why would we, it’s not like we have any cameras laying around…wait…it turns out we do…never mind), so I drew a picture of yours truly and my wonderful friend & partner Queen James to represent how we felt about the day!


[ed.  This just in…we got a pic from the day!  Wahoo for Mr. Chris Brown!  Not that we didn’t like your silly drawings, but this might be a little better…sorry Old Man Otis.]

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  1. Can I just say something? Can I just say something, or is this Russia?

    I love Otis & James


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