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What’s this your saying now…the goodness of Wedding Love is about to continue, and this time it’s starring the one, the only, the totally and completely fabulous, the givers of fun, the supercouple that is known as Tennele & Gus?!  And you telling me that I’m not just here to tell you how awesome they are, but I’m also here to tell you that on a day not all that long ago, but actually a little bit of time ago, we had the goodlywondrous pleasure of working with them on their Wedding Day?!

That’s what your telling me, inner-voice that won’t stop talking?!  Well, how about thatI  Inner-voice, thank you for giving me such awesome news, as usually you’re filling me with all sorts of conspiracy theories…so this is incredible news!  Ahhh shucks, as the voice inside my head has told me, I’m coming to you at this hour so fine with a story of the wedding of good friends to the Otis & James Empire (OJE), none other than Tennele & Gus!

Well, I could go on and give you the ‘story’ but most of my intrepid readers of blog (and not just those driving Entrepids) usually know the story of how a wedding works.  So I’m just gonna tell you what I know, and here it is, plain and simple.  Tennele & Gus, you know, the people that I keep on talking about?  Well, they had a wedding.  We were there – even brought our camera’s.  And, do you want to know what happened next?  Let me give you a hint…it rhymes with ‘Lajick’.  Any guesses?  If you still haven’t got it…I’ll tell you.  It was magic.  No joke.  No kidding around.  The totally rocked it up.  I’m not here to pull your chain (again, I have no idea what that means), I’m just giving you the straight story.

Our time with Tennele & Gus & their awesome wedding party was short, sweet, and we thank them one and all for making us a part of their wedding day!  So, without any more of these silly words, I’d just like to add one more thing – MuchLove!

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