FNBM v.7 :: The Rosslan Edition!

What can I say about this lovely young lady that the photographs just a few short words away can’t?  Nothing.  So I’m not even going to bother.

I’m just going to walk away from the keyboard…I’m going to refrain from the temptation of some superlong crazy post about nothing, and just say that Rosslan was a dream!  She was a wonder!  She was a superstar!  And that we loved working with her!

And you can take that to the bank, all day long (I have no idea what that means.)  MuchLove & ManyThanks to Rosslan for being so awesome, and to all my good Children of Blogville up way too late – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. Awww… awesome capture of her sweetness! Words are unnecessary and I am having trouble finding them!

  2. jamie, these pictures are amazing! I am astonished at your work! I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed! Now I have a problem finding the ones I can buy! And I know I won’t be able to pick just one! Thanks again!

    …how can I order the last one posted on the blog with the three pictures put as one? They are fabulous!

  3. Chasity,
    We just got done looking at Rosslan’s picture. A lot of cooing type reactions to the pictures. We all agree (Chela, Michelle, Conroy, & Me) she looks a lot like her beautiful mother. They always do a really good job who ever the subject is; let me know if we can buy one for Conroy.

  4. Chasity, Ross
    The pic’s are SOOO cute, I want one,give her hugs and kisses from us,
    Papa, Grammy

  5. let me know how we can get some of these, they are great,
    love Papa, Grammy

  6. You can actually order them from the website or send them an email with which ones you want to buy and they will call you for payment. Or you could call them 701.838.6181. Which ones were your favorite? I have many and am having a hard time deciding! Let me know your thoughts. Feel free to call us anytime! Email me and I will give you our number!


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