BMWNROR v.20 :: The Hannah Edition!

Did you know that the name ‘Hannah’, roughly means ‘favored grace’?  I didn’t either, but after looking it up, it seems to make sense.  Because when Hannah strolled on into the FunCenter for her superawesome pictosnaps, I would say that  – without a doubt – she lived up to her name!

Grace, in itself, is such a beautiful word; there are a couple of different meanings, but if you just look at the one that is ‘simple elegance’, then Hannah, indeed, is favored grace!  But, you know what, I’m getting all analytical with this.  These words need to be stopped, and I need to back up these words with proof.  And back up with proof I shall, and it shall be done with a couple of superawesome samplesnaps!  Before we get to the goods, however, we gotta give MuchLove to Hannah and her assistants for giving us some love, and to all my good peeps out there in Land of Blog enjoying a warm Summer night – Enjoy!

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