BMWNROR v.24 :: The Kristen & Brock Edition!

My dear people of blog, out there sitting at your digital workstations reading this.  I’m going to make this short & sweet (which also used to be a nickname of much of my 7th grade year.)  All you gotta do is look at the totallyawesome samplesnaps right beneath these words (no peaking!) to understand how awesome a couple Kristen & Brock are.


You don’t believe me?  All I gotta say to you is…well…before I say that, I’m gonna give MuchLove & ManyThanks to this lovely couple for giving us a little bit of their time for these pics, and now, all I gotta say to you is – Enjoy!

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  1. The pictures look awesome and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! These guys do the best job of capturing the memories of your wedding day, you won’t be disappointed=)
    Take care!


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