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Hello my dear dear friends of Blogville!  I come to you today, on this fine late Summer Saturday afternoon with a wonderful story, and some even better pics for you to gaze upon!  We’ll start with the story first.  You see, if we were to hop into the Otis & James Wayback Machine (and I’ll spare you having to actually get in it and push the empty McDonald’s bags out of the way so you can squeeze in), we could go back to a time and a place when the Otis and the James were just getting started out in this crazy crazy world that now occupy.

The reason that we would go back is because we would be able to see that one of our original clients, and an original supporter of what we do here is none other than this wonderful couple that we like to call Charity & Andy!  In this time and this land oh so long ago, all we had was a one foot by two foot sign with our name on it, a back room in our office, a computer and a camera.  We believed in big things for ourselves, but it was hard to find others that felt this same way (we kept thinking, ‘if you build it, they will come’, but we hadn’t really built anything.)

Through some sort of a magical twist of fate, Charity came into our lives first, as at that time Andy was serving our country in Iraq.  Eventually, Charity came to work with us offering hair and makeup to our Seniors.  Not only that, but we soon came to call Charity an honest to goodness good friend!  Not long after this, Andy completed his tour and we had the double-good pleasure of meeting him, and working with them as a couple.  We soon became friends with Andy too, and this friendship has lasted all the way until today!

Soon our little o&j world became something bigger, and time marched on.  Also, Charity & Andy found themselves leaving our little neck of the woods behind for bigger cities.  But we still remained friends, and when it came time for them to go from just being a couple to being a husband & wife, we were honored that they chose us to be a part of their big day!  Well, I guess we would have been pretty sad if they had chosen an other area photographer, but we would have respected their choice.  But we’re happy that they chose us, because being able to shoot the wedding was like putting the final chapter in this book (there will be other books – sequels to this book.  Look for them soon.)

Well, I’ve rambled on here long enough.  I just want to say how much we’ve appreciated everything Charity & Andy have done for us over the past years, and they are a part of how we got to where we are!  We wish them all the happiness in the world, and know that we will see them and work with them soon!  Also, a big MuchLove & ManyThanks to everyone that helped make this day go so well, and to all me good peeps out there in Land of Blog – Enjoy!

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