The Family Bernsdorf!

Here are some facts for you.  I know that, if you’re like me (and I really hope you are ), you are a sucker for facts.  So I’m going to give you some in list form.  Ahhh yeah.

  1. The member of this family called ‘Tawnya’ has been in at least 75 weddings that we have shot.  Seriously.  It’s sad for us when she isn’t in one of our wedding parties.  For a while, I wondered if she was really in these parties, or if she was just showing up in some sort of a weird ‘o&j stalker’ sort of way.  But really, we could only be so lucky to be stalked by someone as lovely as Tawnya!
  2. We have been trying to take these pictures for about a year now.  Or at least if feels like a year.  You see, God had a particular day in mind for this session to happen, it just wasn’t any of the first 17 dates we had to reschedule.
  3. This family is totally awesome.  No joke.
  4. Did I mention that they’re also good looking too?  Because they are.  Straight up.
  5. We were so happy to finally work with them, and give them barrels of MuchLove & ManyThanks for finally working with us!

And there are your facts.  Enough of all these words, let’s get to the goods.  Tawnya, we’ll see you at a wedding sometime soon, and to all of our good friends of blog out there in their comfortable homes reading these digital words – Enjoy!

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  1. The family Bernsdorf are in fact quite a stylin’ fam!
    I’ve known Tawnya since she was a freshman in high school….we even share the same birthday!
    This is why she’s AWESOME!

  2. What a great looking fam! Terry and Karen…it’s easy to tell where the ladies get their looks. I have never known more lovely people. Love you long time…love you- well you know the rest! 🙂


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