As If This Night Couldn’t Get Any Better…It’s The Family Schmidt!

In the words of some Irish poet out there, ‘how can beauty be so kind, to an ordinary guy?’…and those words couldn’t be any more true when we speak of the one and only, our friends to the West, once again…The Family Schmidt!

The only thing to change with that quote is that their beauty is not just kind to this ordinary guy, but also to the one & only Queen James, not to mention all out there in the land of the interweb (it’s a series of tubes, it is not a truck, and if you dump on it, it’ll get clogged up…I just got an internet my staff sent me last week…LAST WEEK…and it’s because these tubes, they’re being dumped on, and the interweb is not a truck…it’s a series of tubes) that gaze at these wondrous samplesnaps just a waiting for you below these stung-out words that are most likely getting in the way of you looking at the pics, and you’re sitting there wondering when it is that I’m going to stop with all of this nonsense and just let you go, to be free to look at the samplesnaps, and instead I’m like that teacher in your last class on the last day of school that just won’t shut up about whatever it is they’re talking about, because the only thing you can think about is how totally awesome the Summer is going to be, so I’ll stop.

I don’t want to be that teacher.

Instead, I want to be like the teacher that on the last day of class realizes that there is no more hope in trying to cram knowledge in your brain, and instead just sits back and makes sure that the class doesn’t devolve into total and complete anarchy.  You know that teacher.  Usually called ‘the cool teacher.’  And that’s me.

With all of that filling your mind, and filling up the series of tubes that is the internet, I want to give a huuuuuuuuge MuchLove & ManyThanks to this sweetlysweet family for making the journey to Minot for us, and for the totally awesome baked goodies (they understand that they way into the heart of the Otis James is through baked goods) – you guys are the best!

OK.  Gotta run now, I’m going to a rave & my glowsticks just got here.  To all my good peeps out there in Land of Blog sitting in front of the cool glow of your tube collecting station – Enjoy!

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  1. You are such a tease! They look terrrrrrific! Queen James & King Otis are the best…and Princess Suzie, too! (You KNOW I mean it with all these exclamation points! There’s another one!)


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