Give It Up Now, It’s The Family Ries!

Do you remember the Aresenio Hall Show?  Well, most of you out there probably don’t, because you’re not a child of the ’90’s like myself, but I remember it.  In fact, I don’t just remember it, I want to get back to it.  And I’m going to start off this epic quest to get back to all things Arsenio with titling this blog post ‘Give It Up Now…’, because that’s what you did on the Arsenio Hall Show.  You gave it up.  From the Dog Poud.  WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF.  I know this all seems crazy to you now, but after you’ve done a little bit of research, and you realize that the way of the Arsenio is the only way to be, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Well, now that we’ve ‘given it up’ for The Family Ries, it’s time for me to tell you exactly why we are giving it up for them.  You see, there was this time, not all that long ago, that they once again stopped by FunCenter for Fun and the Study of The Effects of Fun on Marsupials & Flying Squirrells (FCFFATSOTEOFOM&FS) for some totallysweet supersnaps.  You heard me…you – in the dog poud – let me hear a WOOF WOOF!  Ahhh yeah.  You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout [ed.  I don’t think anyone knows what you’re talking about at this point.]  And I’m here to tell you, my faithful Citizens of Blog, they didn’t just stop by, they came, they saw, the conquered.  Vini.  Vedi.  Vici.

Straight up.

But enough of these words.  We just need to give it up one more time for The Family Ries for being so awesome, offer up a huge helping of MuchLove, and we need to tell one & all out there in Land of Blog to – Enjoy!

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