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I really hope that the first thing you do when you wake up is sit in front of your computer and go to Land of Blog.  I know I do, but I’m paid to do it.  I’m not willing to offer any compensation to anyone out their for doing this, other than the reward of bliss.  Do you like bliss?  Then I’m going to tell you why I wish it.  Because of people like Kathryn & Brock, and their incredibly awesome supersweet samplesnaps that you are about to see.

I’m pretty sure that if everyone in this world that had the ability to do so did this – started their day with such beauty – there’d be a pretty good chance that we’d be well on the the way to peace, happiness, and total bliss.  I hope that today, right after you shuffle out of your warm beds, you have the good pleasure of plopping yourself down in front of the digital glow that is the interweb, dial in the otisandjames.com, and see these snaps.  Because if you do, you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful day.  Straight up, my peeps.  No joke.

We would like to take a moment now to thank each & every person that helped make this day so wonderful, especially Kathryn, Brock & their Wedding Party – you knew how to work it – no jive.  I’m straight talkin’.  So, without any further delay, sit back, get ready to bliss out and don’t forget to – Enjoy!

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  1. These pictures were so much fun to look at! I can’t stop looking at them! Kates you were such a beautiful bride!!! And i have to say, we were one good lookin bridal party! ha! 😉 Awesome work!


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