Well How ‘Bout This…It’s Katie & Cody!

Sit back, relax, my good Children of Blog, because I’m about to weave a little yarn [ed.  What does that even mean?].  A long, long, long, long, long, long…well…you get the point – a long time ago there was this place of employment.  And this place was located in the mall.  And in this place in a mall there was this oh so sorry & miserable balding man working there.  There was also this fresh-faced and eternally optimistic woman working there.  These two people didn’t have that much in common, but as time went by, they soon realized they were…well…friends!

As time went by, this lady moved on to bigger & better things, and this man gained a new perspective on his life, made some changes, and left that mall.  Now, years later, this dude & this lady meet up once again!  And this time, this lady has with her a man that will soon be her husband, and these two spent a little bit of time in a place that we call FunCenter – and now this once sad & miserable balding man is now known as the Otis.  He is still balding, but life has changed much since those days oh so long ago – and he thinks that she was one of the people instrumental in helping him out of the rut he was in!

So here we are today!  There’s the Otis & James, but more important – there’s the Katie & Cody!  We couldn’t be any more happy that we will soon have the goodlygreat pleasure of being a small part of their wedding day!  Life is crazy, you never know where it is going to take you, but it looks like things for that lady (the ever lovely Katie) and that dude (the bald & bespectacled Otis) have turned out pretty darn good!

Well, yarn spun.  Now, we need to give a huuuuuuuge MuchLove & ManyThanks to Katie & Cody for stopping by FunCenter, and for being so awesome!  But enough of these words, we need to get to the awesome part where I say – Enjoy!

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