Ladies & Gentlemen…Once Again…Arriana!

Oh my dudes.  Where to begin…where to begin.  Well, it began a long long long long long [ed.  Nice use of repetitive words to get your word count up, but I’m not falling for it.] time ago, in a land far far away [ed.  OK now…is this Star Wars?] in the land of rainbows & photos, and we’ve wound up here still in the land of photo’s, but without not as many rainbows (that sounds depressing, but really – it isn’t.)  We’ve all grown a little bit older & wiser, some of us have grown a little bit better looking (me), and some of us have entered the picture (Arriana) and completely changed the lives of some (Fat Al…I kid…Scott & Kacie!  But really, last time I saw Fat Al, he was as big as a cougar and covered in dust.)

For most of you reading this, you will not understand the majority of that previous paragraph, but that’s OK.  What I’m saying, in a nutshell, is that life is wonderful!  And if you need proof to back up this statement, you need not look any further than the gorgeous samplesnaps beneath these words.  There is absolutely no way you can look at the ever-lovely Arriana & not know that things are good, life is wonderful, and tomorrow will be a sunny day!

As usual, she came in to the FunCenter ready to rock (duh – has she ever not been able to work the camera?!) and all we did was sit back and let her show us the new clothes & the new moves.  And how did she do?  She tore it up (again…duh), no two ways about it, she straight up tore it up!

These words have meandered enough, and now is the time that we give Arriana, her Mom & Dad a big ol’ MuchLove for being so good to us, and to all the other citizens of blogville keeping our community of love strong – Enjoy!

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  1. Otis & James – You Rock! And scary as it may seem – I think I understand most of that 1st paragraph 😉

  2. Hi Kacie,Scott and Arriana. Nice job on the pics, your gorgeous little gal is 2 years old….was fun to see how she has grown since seeing you almost 6 months ago – Dale and I will be in town June 13 for the Kyle and Becky Rameden wedding. Nice job O&J on the engagement photo on their “The Knot” site. That is how I ended up seeing this! Just googled Otis and James :>) Peace – Jeanne Radke


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