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Gather ’round, my dear Friends of Blog, for I’m about to tell you a story.  This story took place in the not so distant past, in fact, it was just a little over a week ago.  This story involved a lovely lady and a gentle man, that we will call Jenna & Stephen!  The location for this story…a quaint little village that we will call Bismarck, or B-Town, or the Capitol of the great state of North Dakota.  Any one of those terms will work.

I suppose you’re wondering why we were in B-Town with this lovely couple, arent’ you.  Well, it wasn’t just so we could eat at Texas Roadhouse & stop by The Walrus for a couple of drinks afterward (even though that does sound good.)  Nope.  We were there for the incredible fantasticalmagical wedding of Jenna & Stephen!  Wahooo!

We had an absolutely wondrous time with not only the Bride & Groom, but with each & every person that worked with us to make this day so mightlymellow and gorgeous!  Truly, one of those things where we just show up with some cameras & stuff like that, and they make all of the magic happen – we just stand back and let the good times roll.  And you can take that to the bank.

Seeing as how I’m now just rambling on a bunch of non-sensical stuff, I think it’s time that we put a lid on all of these words, give a huge MuchLove & ManyThanks to Jenna, Stephen & their lovely Wedding Party, and to tell you…the good People of Blog to – Enjoy!

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