The Adventures of Carly (Barracuda’s Not Included)!

MIC CHECK.  MIC CHECK.  This thing on?  It’s been a while, so I gotta make sure all of you out there can here me.  We good?  Even in back – all you all can hear?  A little loud…ok…gettin’ some feedback.  Alright, we’ll just cut that back a touch.  There.  I think we’re good now.

Now that we’re all dialed into the Otis & James Informational Network of Information and Things (O&JINOIAT), I come to you now with some wondrous news.  You ready?  Great.  Because here goes.  On a day that wasn’t all that long ago (I do declare it was a day that even occurred during this last week), we had the greatly good pleasure of working with our VERY FIRST SENIOR of the 2010 season!

It just seems like yesterday that we were spending all of our time with the 2009 peeps, but they’re old news now.  They’re all grown up.  Losing their hair, going grey, settling down and what not.  The action now – my dear Friends of Blog – is with the class of 2010.  Man, just typing that it seems like the freaking future.  Robots & flying cars…everywhere.

But before I digress into some crazed-out thoughts on robots and such things, I think we should instead talk about a lady that stopped by the FunCenter to have some totally awesome seniorsnaps taken.  This lady…Carly for those of you in the know…was, in a word, totallyawesome.  You heard me right.  She brought the goods.  She tore it up.  She wrecked the place.  She set the bar high for anyone that will come after her this year.  Which begs the question, ‘Carly.  Why you gotta be so good?’

I don’t know if there will ever be an answer.  What I do know is that after some research, Barracuda’s are not land dwelers.  It was not a barracuda hole that Jamie stepped into.  Although, it may have been an Anaconda.  Thankfully, we weren’t attacked.  If we had been, the good news would be that Carly would have had some sweet last pics taken before the attack of the Barracuda.  But I repeat, it didn’t happen.  We’re all safe.  DO NOT BE ALARMED.

Well, engough of all this gibbajabba, it is time for us to give a huuuuge MuchLove to Carly for being so awesome, and to my good Peeps of Blog – Enjoy!

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  1. well thank you! that was a very nice few paragraphs you wrote about semi me! haha. anyway i LOVE them! now i just have to get my password so i can see all my proofs! i cant believe you wrote about 2 paragraphs about the barracuda HAHAHHAHH i am still laughing…… well i know where ill be getting every professional picture i have from here on out done!! everone reading this considering going to Otis and James: DO IT


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