Hold On To Your Socks…It’s Drew!

My fellow citizens of Blog.  There are many things in life that you will, and should, hold on to.  The ones you love.  Family heirlooms.  Gold bullion.  Hands.  Hand railings.  And sometimes, when there are things that are so awesome that there really isn’t even a word for just how awesome they are…your socks.  This, my friends, is one of those instances.

You see, when the goods are that good, when the greats are just that great, your socks will go flying off.  If you’re lucky, you’ll be at a desk, and they’ll just hit the wall.  If you’re unlucky, they may shoot across your office and into the face of a co-worker that you might have kind of  a crush on, and they will realized that a)they don’t match, and b)dude…they smell.

For your sake, and for your co-workers sake, I hope they just hit the wall.  If not, we bear no responsibility for anything else.  Because, you see, Drew is just that awesome.  In fact, my socks just lit on fire.  It hurts.  But I’m going to type through the pain, because telling you how much fun it was to work with Drew is worth it.  We need to scream it from the mountaintop that our time with Drew was all too fleeting, and we wish that every Senior could be as awesome as he that we call Drew.

OK.  Now my feet are really really hot, and I think that it’s time for me to put these words to bed.  But just you wait there.  Because before we do that, we gotta give MuchLove & MadProps to Drew for being so good to us (as well as to his lovely assistant Nikkry for gracing us with her presence too), and to you – all my good People of Blog enjoying a day oh so lovely – Enjoy!

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