Scribble Scrabble…YES!!!! It’s LJ & Reba (& Aunt Jamie Too!)

Do you know when life is good?  It’s good when the doors of the FunCenter open up and who should show up but our favorite nephew/godson LJ shows up…life is very good then!  I mean, life is always pretty darn good, but the sun shines just a little brighter, and the birds chirp just a little bit louder when our little buddy shows up in good ol’ Minot!

And, as usual, he came on in to the FunCenter to have some supersweet snaps taken of him (you see, he was going to be in a wedding, so he had a totally awesome tuxedo & a nice pair of new kicks to go with it.  So…we couldn’t let this opportunity pass us up.  You see, when your godparents own the photo studio, and they don’t have any children of their own, he’s pretty much guaranteed to get a lot of pics taken of him.

But the thing about is that he’s really, really good at working the camera.  Model good.  I know, you’re probably sitting there in your your comfortable blog homes thinking that I’m just saying this because of who he is, but really – he’s good.  And this time, to prove where he got it from, I’m going to put up a couple of pics of Mom & Aunt Jamie so you can see where he gets all of his skills from (the good looks from Dad are a pretty sweet thing too!)

But enough of all this scribblescrabble.  We need to get to the part when we tell you just how much me love LJ, and how how we wish him, Mom & Dad MuchLove 24/7, 365!  Oh, and to you – the faithful of blog – Enjoy!

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