We Haven’t Gone Into Hibernation (WHGIH.)

Yes yes yes.  I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking that we’ve shut it down for the winter.  That we’ve gone into a cave somewhere and are to be woken come spring.  Well, the only cave we’ve been dwelling in is the cave known as the super-top-secret basement lair at the Otis & James FunCenter.  And I assure you, as much as we would like to, there has been no hibernation occurring.  That will have to wait until after the New Year.  Because until then, we’re going to be rocking AND rolling.  24/7, 365.  I ain’t jive talking you either.  I’m giving you the straight dope.

What’s that?  You don’t believe me?  Well, how ’bout I hit you up over the head with a bajillion new bloggers for you to feast your eyes upon.  Will you believe me then?  Because it’s been mad crazy around this here FunCenter, and we gots the pics to back up these claims.

So, I invite you to waste some time and take a look at all of these wonderful pics that are about to go up!  This isn’t all of them, but I didn’t want your eyeballs to explode with the goodness that is about to be transmitted through them.  Safety first, right?  OK.  With that in mind, we gotta give a huge huge HUGE MuchLove & ManyThanks to each & every person that has come through the doors of the FunCenter over the past…oh…however long it’s been since we’ve put any of these bloggers up.  And to you – my good peeps of Blog that have been waiting oh so patiently for new pics to go online – Enjoy!

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