GRGG v.9 || The Family Cunningham Edition!

Hello again.  It’s me.  And I’ve got some lovely pictosnaps to show you.  But, me being me and all, I gotta throw a few words before we get to the goodness.  So, here we go.

At the Otis & James Center for the study of MuchLove, quite often, we have the good fortune of working with individuals and families over the course of…well…some for just about as long as we’ve been in business for!  Take for example The Family Cunningham.  We were first graced with their presence all the way back in 2006!  Back then, Jamie & myself were just a couple of kids.  I had a flowing head of hair, and was just starting to grow my first mustache.  OK.  Maybe Jamie was just a kid, and I just had a fewer wrinkles and a less grey beard.  Whatever.  That’s not the point.

The point is that the first time we encountered this family was for Senior portraits of their always lovely twin daughters, Lacie & Lindsey!  After that, we took some prom photo’s, we took some family photo’s, and through it all we kept on thinking, ‘Man – this is one nice group of people!’  There must be something in the water over in Glenburn.  Good people.  Indeed.  Good people.

And time went on.  More wrinkles happened, more grey hairs appeared.  It’s all a part of the deal.  But sometimes, the deal can be kind of raw, and more than a little unfair.  And over the past year or so, we have sent so much love to every member of this family as time has altered their universe.  When I first met this family, way back in 2006, I was in the process of having my universe altered too, of having to say goodbye to my father.  And after it happens, you find that everything is just a little bit off of center.  You lose your balance, and you have to figure out a way to regain it.

And over these last years, I have learned that every day I live, I carry with me the love which was given by those that have moved on.  It’s right there, on my heart.  Smiling over me, taking care of me.  And I know that the members of this family have this same love smiling over them, and taking care of them!

Well, time marches on, and once again we had the goodlygreat fortune of working with this beautiful family – of working with every member of this family!  And, as we expected, they were all beautiful and knew how to work it.  MmmHmm.  When Family Cunningham rolls through, it’s going to be a cavalcade of goodness.  And that’s a fact Jack.  So, MuchLove & ManyThanks to this lovely family, and to you – all our faithful of blog – Enjoy Every Day!

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  1. The pictures look great! I love how you guys incorporated Lindsey!!!! Very, very nice family!

  2. Whew…the picture with Lindsey literally took my breath away. Beautiful. Beautiful pictures of an amazing family.

  3. Just happened upon the O&J website tonight and here you are Cunninghams. So I sit here with tears in eyes looking at these absolutely beautiful pictures! Great, great job!


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