Dig This Groove, Man…It’s Ashleigh!

Do you speak the same lingo as I do?  If you do, then you’re most likely trying to find a way to stay hip and fresh – you’re trying to speak the language of ‘the kidz’, if you will.  You see, I have it all down.  I know what they’re ‘digging’, I know the hip-hop and gangster rap.  I watch TRL.  I do the facebook.  It’s hard to stay on top of it all, it’s hard to keep your sense of cool, and as you get older it only gets harder.  One person, however, that does not have to worry about this at all is the ever-lovely Ashleigh!

I say this because she does not have to try to be cool.  She straight up is.  I remember there was a point in my life when it was just that easy – when you could just wake up, smile and you were groovy.  And this is what Ashleigh has!  She truly was wonderful to work with, and it can only be my hope that through photographic osmosis that I’m able to pick up on some of her mellow vibrations.  I can only dream…

So, as I get ready to listen to my new favorite song, ‘Getting Jiggy With It’, let’s take a moment now to give MuchLove to Ashleigh for becoming a part of the o&j family!  And to all my righteous dudes & dudettes out there in Land of Blog – Enjoy!

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