Ladies & Gentlemen…The Cascade Sun!

The Cascade SunWell, here we go – we’re gonna get things back to normal in this season of abnormal that we find ourselves in.  And we’re going to start it off with our friends in The Cascade Sun.  If you live in Minot, or have been watching the flood coverage on KXMC, then you may have heard a song they have written called ‘Hope Floats’ that is a tribute to the people of Minot during this time – it’s well done, and we thank the boys in the band for doing so!  We are firm believers that part of the rebuilding process will be through the arts and the artistic community.  But, enough of all this blathering – be sure to check out their facebook page, and be sure to – Enjoy!

The Cascade Sun

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  1. They are so much younger than I expected! Good work O&J. I agree that arts will be crucial to keeping the community positive. Good for Cascade Sun for kicking off the “rebuilding.” Wishing I was closer so I could help in the clean up process.


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