Can You Handle This Mojo? Because It’s Steven.

Otis & James Photography

Now, I’m gonna give it to you straight up. No time for jive. I asked if you could handle this mojo that I’m about to lay down on you not because I’m trying to be all clever & cool or something like this, that, or the other thing. Nope. I ask you because I need you to sit there and just think if you can truly handle the awesomely heavy duty mojo that is Steven.

Did you think about it?  Well…if you’re ready, you can proceed.

OK.  For those of you that are left, I’m again gonna shoot straight on this one.  Steven came to o&j world and he showed us what was up.  Easy going & mellow with a side of smooth.  But enough of all these words.  It’s time for us to sit back and take a looksee at the samplesnaps.  But!  Before we do, we gotta give MuchLove to Steven for letting us take the pictosnaps, and to all my goodly peeps out there in their blog homes sitting around the digital glow of the comp-u-ter – Enjoy!

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By otis

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