Now Sit Down. It’s McKayla!

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In all the years that I’ve been doing this thing, I have never commanded my good people of Blogville to sit down.  But there is always a first for everything (deep statement, I know) – and today is it.  And the reason for all of this sitting, you may be asking?  Well, not just so you don’t have to be standing on your feet, but also because sometimes it’s just good to be prepared for the pictographic goodness that is about to wallop (is that a word?) you over the head.

And the goodness that’s about to do the walloping (again, not believing that is actually a word, but spellcheck didn’t catch it…then again, I think spellcheck gave up on me after about the 200th time that I used the word ‘pictosnap’) you are again asking?  Well, the photographic awesomeness is from the one and only McKayla!

On a day that might have been a couple of weeks ago, or even a couple of months ago, there was this day when she strolled through the doors of the FunCenter and all was wonderful!  But you don’t need these words to prove that to you, what you need is to sit down and just take a look at all of the wonderfulness.  But before we get to that, we’ve got to send MuchLove to McKayla for being so awesome, and to all my lovely people of Blogville out there on this dark & wonderful night – Enjoy!

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