A Quick Teaser || Lacie & Eric!

Ummmm…pretty sure this couple is just about as wonderful as wonderful can be.  And that’s just a straight fact.  But as if that isn’t enough – their whole wedding party & family have to be just about as wonderful as wonderful can be.  And that’s a whole lot of wonderful.  And again, them’s just straight facts.  So, I’m going to skip the party when I ramble on for an eternity, and just tell all of you out there in Blogville to – Enjoy!

By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. they’re needs to be their. i’m going to just hope that this mistake was made because it was 4am when you posted this. if not, we need to have a grammar review for you.

  2. Fixed. And yes, it was because it was 4AM. I will admit, I have a problem with apostrophes, but I swear I know my there/their/they’re. And my grammar is my own thing…it’s my style, baby – actually, not as much my grammar as my sentence structure. So there. And, I know how to spell. Take that!

  3. HA- I hate that– I know my their, there, and they’re’s too but sometimes in quick text message haste things turn out poorly.

  4. Holy Mama–I LOVE these, Thanks so so so much! 🙂 They are so great and we don’t even look that windblown. Jamie has magic powers 🙂

  5. Little known fact: Jamie can control the wind. Don’t mess with her. She comes off all nice, but there’s weird stuff goin’ on in there. And thank you so much for the kind words!

  6. Great teasers – great looking newlyweds – can’t wait for more to come


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