Senior Quick Teaser || Kiel!

What’s the square root of 81?  It’s nine!  Well, that fulfills my math requirement for the year, and it also helps fill in this spot up here that nobody really reads where I drone on and on and on about stuff that I’m not even sure that I understand.  All I really need to let you know is that there was this time, and in this time the doors to FunCenter opened up and in walked Kiel!  He wasn’t just there to deliver our mail either.  Nope.  There to get the senior pics taken.  And he did it in style, and with grace.  Could we ask for anything more?  I think not.  So there is no need to delay the inevitable – let us know give MuchLove to Kiel for allowing us to pictosnap, and to our happy shiny people of Blogland – Enjoy!

By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


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