Senior Quick Teaser || Lauren!

There have been many famous people named Lauren throughout the course of history.

[Here is the part where I would bore you with all sorts of information about different people named Lauren and how they have shaped or changed society for the better.  I would feel like some sort of a smarty-pants, and you – my dear reader – would be bored out of your mind.  I mean, really.  If you wanted to take a history class you would have signed up for one.  This is supposed to be happy fun time picture blog otis james.  Ugh…when are these words going to be done.]

Well, now that you know so much more, it’s time to thank Lauren for stopping by to FunCenter and letting us be a part of her senior year.  And to our good people out there in their happy little digital homes reading all of these ones and zeroes – Enjoy!

By otis

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