A Senior Quick Teaser || With Halli!


Lest you think that we spend the middle of the night just laying in our beds sleeping or whatever it is that people do…wait…I’m digging a weird word hole here.  Let me back up.  Lest you think we spend the middle of the night sleeping like normal people, rest assured my good people of blog, we do not.  Or I do not.  I’m pretty sure I’m the only member of the o&j team that is still rocking the digital world at 2:30AM.  ME AND MY LAPTOP ARE HAVING A PARTAY!

But I’m not here to tell you about my awesome online party that only involves me – I’m here instead to tell you about the wonderful senior pictosnaps of the ever lovely Halli!

You see, my good peeps, she strolled on into the o&j FunCenter on a day that was not all that long ago, but it was still long enough ago that there were leaves on the trees, and she strolled on up the hall, and she said, ‘Father!’…I’m sorry, I had some sort of a 1960’s music flashback there.  Sorry about that.  She strolled on into the FunCenter, into our lives, and we are all the better for it!

She was a gem!  A true joy to work with and we send MuchLove to her for being this way; for being herself!  And to all my other good peeps out there in Land of Blog trying to keep winter at bay – Enjoy!


By otis

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