A Senior Quick Teaser || It’s Kennedy!


We’ve always got a few more tricks up our sleeve here at the Otis and the James Photogrphorium (it’s a new word…and a magical place!) and this time our trick is that we’re never really done with delivering the pictoriffic goodness!

And this time, my dear friends, the goodness features none other than the ever-lovely Kennedy!  Now, I could just stop right here (and many of you out there will argue that I should, but I have a problem with listening…like seriously, my hearing is not good…or well…whatever.  I’m way off topic now.) but if I would be remiss in doing so because we need to offer up MuchLove to Kennedy for stopping by FunCenter and letting us have some of her sweet & precious time!  You were wonderful!  And to my happy little interweb people out there in Blogland reading these silly words – Enjoy!


By otis

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