More Goodness, This Time With Caylee!


Caylee!The title of this thing really says it all.  We are sending out more digital goodness through the interweb in the form of pictographic goodness, and this time it is from the oh-s0-lovely Caylee!

Caylee stopped by the Otis & James Center For Fun and The Study of Wiener Dog Sleeping Habits (O&JCFFATSOWDSH) to have her senior pictographs taken, and my friends – I’m here to tell you that not only did she just have them taken, she totally and completely rocked and rolled the session.  Totes no joke.  I’m telling it to you how it is.  Don’t believe me?  Then just look up at the samplesnap and you will know that these words I type are straight dope truth.

Now is the time when we thank Caylee for letting us be a small part of her senior year, and for that we offer her up MuchLove from the o&j, and it’s also the time when we tell you good peeps out there in Blogland to – Enjoy!


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