I Give You Chase.

Chase!The lesson today is about the comma.  Now, the comma is something that I overuse, but is something that can make all the difference in sentence structure.  I’m pretty sure there are whole internet meme’s or tumblr’s out there which detail the follies of a lack of comma.  For example, the title of this post implies that I am chasing you.  Which I am not.  Because that is just plain & straight up creepy – which I will admit is something that I am good at but I try to keep it out of the business.  You know.  The up & up and whatnot.  But what I’m really doing is presenting Chase, so it should read I Give You, Chase.  There will be a written test at the end of this post.

But the point of all this is not to correct your grammar (although let’s watch our ‘there/their’ people) – the purpose is to take a gander (because apparently I speak like somebody from Appalachia during the turn of the century?) at a young man that we, and most likely the rest of the world, calls Chase!  On a day when you could still be outside without fear of frostbite, Chase stopped by the studes for some sweetlyseniorsnaps, and the results were awesome.  But you don’t need all of these words to tell you that, you just gotta look at the pic above these words to know that I’m not jiving you.

Before you leave, however, we need to send MuchLove to Chase for giving us a little bit of his sweet & precious time, and we also need to tell all you good peeps out there in Land of Frozen Blog to – Enjoy!




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