Get Ready. It’s MacKenzie!

I don’t know what I’m telling you to get ready for.  It’s just a picture after all.  I’m kidding!  It’s not just a picture, it’s a superawesome seniorpictosnap from the oh-so-lovely MacKenzie!  So that’s what I’m telling you to get ready for.  I don’t want you to be all sitting there and being all unprepared for the goodness that is about to hit you over the head – I want you to be ready.  I do this because I care about you.  And that’s the Otis & James Difference®.

But enough about us, what we really need to tell you is that there was this time that (obvs) was way before the winter wonderland of below zero times we currently live in when MacKenzie entered into our lives, and our lives were all the better for it!  So, MuchLove to MacKenzie for letting us in to her life for just a small amount of time, and to all you good peeps out there in Land of Blog wondering if we are going to ever get to a time when the temperature gets to the double-digits above zero – Enjoy!


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By otis

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