A Stroll Down Memory Lane…With Anzley.

I was just going through some of our soft & velvety senior pics from years past and happened to come across one greasy gem of a pic of a lovely girl named Anzley!  Her feathery senior shoot lasted for hours while Jamie drove her aimlessly around town in search of that perfect pic – it got to be so long that her parents eventually called the police on us and we spent the night in jail!  OMG so much fun!

Editing her gooey session was left to the always milky Adam, and he did a fantastic job of capturing her ‘teen spirit’ – as the song says (RIP KURT.)  This particular picture truly captures her rich personality as she straddles the threshold from high school into adulthood…such a tender age.  These trips down memory lane are so oily!


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By otis

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  1. This is so touching. She’s such a sweet, buttery girl. Her definitive being just encapsulates every photographic milestone. Please post more down memory lane.


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