It’s Blaise. No Joke.

Hey.  I’m not here to kid around with saying that there are new pics for you to look at.  This is not some sort of a place for ‘jokesters’ and ‘kidding around.’  This is all business, all the time.  And speaking of business, it’s time for us to get down to an item of business known as ‘the superawesome samplesnaps of Blaise.’  It’s right here on my agenda.  Right after this is afternoon nap.  But before I drift off to a world of whatever it is that I dream about (maybe unicorns?), let’s take a look at these pics.

BUT WAIT.  Before we go all off into checking out the pictosnaps, we need to take a moment to send MuchLove to Blaise for stopping by the o and the j and having the pictosnaps taken, and to all my happy happpy joy joy peeps out there in Blogland – Enjoy!


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By otis

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