Kendo & Nikki & The Heat

The heat was such that it deserved billing with the main attraction. Bravo heat – well played indeed! But that nasty ol’ heat didn’t get in the way of us having a great time with the Kendo & Nikki show. We even managed to get some shots outside (they were quick – very quick).

This was another wedding in which we knew many of the participants and guests – which always makes for double the fun (which since we are always at the setting of ‘maximum fun’, it seems crazy to be able to double that – but we did.) Thank you to Kendo & Nikki – and a big congratulations from Otis & James!

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All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography

By otis

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  1. What a beautiful way to start the marriage. These pictures are absolutely beautiful, from the photographers taking them to the people in the pictures. Breath taking.

  2. The pictures you took are absolutely beautiful. If all the pictures are this great they will have a very hard time choosing what to buy. Given the heat that day I felt the photographers taking the pictures did an excellent job making things go quick and smooth. Everything was perfect. Congrats to the happy couple.


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