We have a sweet office – you could search previous posts and find some pics of it if you like. But today, this thing is an oven. As much as I love the ‘character’ and ‘old-fashioned charm’ of it, the lack of climate control makes our authentic 1930’s office just a little too realistic. It’s one thing to wonder what people did before air conditioning, it’s another to gain first-hand knowledge.

If you happened to be one of the clients that visited us today, you were all good souls for joining us in our pseudo-sauna. As a reward, we present to you two photographs of ourselves. Feel free to print these out and put them on your fridges.

It’s the least we can do, and really, shouldn’t most businesses strive to always do the least they can?? Yes…yes they should is the answer I came up with.

Seacrest Out.

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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. Nice pics guys!! I think I will try to print them for my fridge, just as you recommened (is it ok if I wasn’t a client who stopped in today?!)


  2. I felt I also needed to leave a message as I was quite confused to find that I (Elise) had already left a little note. After a few confused minutes, I remembered that you have not one but two Elise’s in you lives and that we both deserve to have you on our fridges. (And in your blog!)

    Anyway, you two are hotty hot hot-literally! Love you both!


  3. Wow! Know both of the Elise’s and the only way I was able to distinguish was the meow! So, hello to you both! P.S.-Elise Kainz, I’m in fargo, and I’m assuming you are too (or Moorhead). We should get together sometime!

    Matt and Jamie, I love the pics of you, but it makes me miss you!



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