We rounded out the day today with our friend, Kristi! She was rip-roarin’ and a ready to go, and we got some great stuff! We spent most of our time tonight in the studio, with a special trip to Dad’s for a visit with some kittens and a horse named Nacho. We have a duck (actually a goose that thinks he’s a duck) called Nacho, but this is besides the point.

As I was saying, we got some great stuff – and come back soon to find out the shocking conclusion to her session (shocking may not be the best word, but it’s all that I got right now.) So, off with the rambling and on with the pics – Enjoy!

All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography

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  1. We’ll post plenty more of Kristi. We will be working with her again this Thursday, so she will get three more pics posted!


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