My Main Man Blake!

This handsome young gentleman strolled into our studio this morning on the occasion of getting some sweet one-year snaps! He is a natural at this – a total pro. All we did was turn the cameras on, and he pretty much was the artistic director for the shoot.

He even brought along a talented and lovely assistant (Mom), that helped make this shoot super-sweet. Not only did he bring out all of his best studio moves, but he also gave us a show on the jungle gym, and showed off his sweet moves on the slide!

Congrats to Blake on the big 1 – and here’s some pics from the morn – Enjoy!

All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography

By otis

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  1. Is this not the most beautiful child you have ever seen? I am his very proud godmother. What a lovable, huggable guy he is – one of a kind!!

  2. Blake is a “very” bright spot in each day that he spends with me. I couldn’t love him more!!!!! Such a sweetheart!!!

  3. I just want to kiss you Blake! You are so precious! I know you want to come stay with Auntie and your cousins for a week or two.

    I love the pictures and the “model” even more. Great job Bud!


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