We have a friend here at Otis & James, and his name is Luke. Some of you Seniors that we have shot may recognize him, as he sometimes is an assistant to us in the studio!

Luke is a very smart and happy young man, and he always brings much joy to the land of Otis & James whenever he stops by. So we thought we’d have him bring his train and doctor suit, and make the most of the morning here at Otis & James.

After a shaky start, Luke got into the swing of things and then really started to pull out those poses he had been saving up. It turned out to be a great shoot (except for the hand shut in the door part), and we got a ton of great pics. To Luke, we say thank you for being so good for us, and to Mom & Dad we say – Good Job, and Enjoy!

And of course…with Jamie

All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography

By otis

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  1. I am so impressed!!! I knew you were good, but to get these awesome pics from such a crabby kid, you should be awarded with some sort of a special medal!!! I can’t wait to see all of them.

  2. Ok, seeing as I am his AUNT and all, one might say I am biased, but that is the FREAKIN’ cutest kid ever—and the pictures are awesome! Will Hope have access to print some of these or do I need to order them from you?

    Luke’s Auntie Heather

  3. Hey little Lukester!!
    You are a hecka cool kid! Totally photogenic, but I already knew that. Lookin suave and debonaire in that suit. Mom & Dad should be (and i know they are) proud! I am gonna have to come up for a visit again real soon. Talk to ya later!


  4. What ADORABLE pictures!!! Each one is unique. Love the suit ones, and the sun glasses. How COOL you are Luke!!!! Now that’s one for a magazine.


    Your Texas cousin,


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