Loni. Loni. Loni.

Let’s keep this short and simple. We had a pizza party. David was patient. Megan was awesome. Loni rocks. Here’s the proof – Enjoy!

All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography

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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. Map & Andy’s sister,
    you guys are awesome and i thank you for taking the 5 hours that you did to take my pictures you rock peace out
    a town Loni

  2. Hey loni,
    i love the pictures….you look so good in them! Can’t wait til christmas break when we get to hang out..well im out talk to you later


  3. those are pretti sweet pics. altho im hoping u had more fun w/ yours than i did w/ mine cuz mine were really boring and i guess im just not much for standing around and getting pics done. if it were up to me i would get a hole bunch of poloroids.


  4. LONI
    this is your cousin… why don’t you smile a lil suga?? They are cute pix.. but you still shoulda came to montana to do some. Congrats senior!! Love ya kid.


  5. Hey Loni! you took really good pictures, but I wanna see the ones of you and david! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! love ya!

  6. LONI..ok you’re right, you ARE the sexiest girl on this site..but maybe..just maybe..can i be 2nd?? your pictures are ADORABLE OF COURSE! i love the black dress one..so cute..well i’m sure i will bump into you soon! i always seem to..wow that sounds like i’m a stalker..AGH..i assure you..i’m not..

    later sweet potator


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