Give It Up One More Time For Kip

Kip joined is this afternoon for the completion of his super-fantastic photo session. You can find his previous post here. We tried different things today, and thought that we would show you a side of Otis & James that you may not be familiar with – the side that likes to take really really bad photographs.

First off, a really good photograph.

Next up, a really bad photograph.

We will occasionally take these really bad photographs to just ‘keep it real.’ We have no intention of giving something like this back to our clients, we just want to make sure that we can still do it. And, it looks like we can. That way if bad photography comes back into fashion, we are good to go.

This may seem crazy, but I don’t make up the rules to the true art of photography, I just follow them whenever I’m not bloggin’ away the day.

Thanks to Kip for rocking it up as usual, and thanks to everybody else out there for just being yourselves – Yojne!

All Images (except for the really bad one) ©2005 Otis & James Photography

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