Finally, Ben!

One week ago (actually as I write this it’s like one week and a day, but who’s counting at this point), we at Otis & James had the great honor of working with our man, Ben!

You see, we thought that we would build up the suspense to a fever pitch in posting his snappy-snaps in the blog, and I think that we have achieved our mission. So I will waste not a minute more, and will now cut straight to the snaps (well, first I want to extend a big shout out to both Ben and his faithful and trusty assistant ((MOM)) for all of their hard work, and for the great time we had) – Enjoy!

Oh, and one more thing – let’s hear it for Ben in managing to fit not just one, but three cars in the studio. Skills. That’s all I have to say to that.


And now – Enjoy!

All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography

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By otis

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  1. Ben! I love your pics!
    I think you’re the one
    that has the model look.
    Haha, anyway you are the coolest.
    your fav. cuz

  2. Hey Ben!
    I love your pictures! I think YOU”RE
    the one that has the model look! Haha
    anyway, you are the coolest.
    -your fav cousin


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