What can we say about this man (it sounds like I come here today to eulogize him – is that how you spell that?  I’m going to trust myself for the time being and hope that my fact/spelling checker ((I’m looking square at you, Britt)) will correct me if wrong) other than it was totally and completely awesome working with him today!

Michael has been a long time viewer/contributor of comments to the blog, and we feel like we have known him all our lives (or at least since the first shoot of Andrea – which actually occured about six years ago…or something like that), which made the shoot totally and completely sweet.  We thank both Michael and his special assistant/neighbor Amanda (and I may be wrong with that name, because I only asked it about 15 times – and this is after we had spent a semester of class together – let’s hear it for brain cells) for making our time together great!  Enough of all this madness, let’s get to the snappy-snaps – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. You look great in your sexy sweaters. I love your pictures. Hope you have a great senior year.

  2. Hey you ol’ poop! You look pretty good. I wonder who your assistant was. She must have gotten a real big tip. Ya just joking with you. You were great and so natural. It was hard to convince myself not to run in some of those fun pictures as i was watching you, Jamie and Matt…..like totally. Ha.. Well hope you have fun with everything. Amanda Peters

  3. Hey Michael!!!!! Ohhhhh… my Goodness, Your pics are HOT!! i love them. They are soo cute. I love them, You and your little sweaters. They are awesome. i hope you have a WONDERFUL senior year, im soo gonna miss you michael. Love ya! Lindsey

  4. hola michael. whats up? it’s been fun being in math with you. failing tests together…not doing homework…it’s been awsome…ur pictures came out great…i better get some…and yea…see ya around school peace out dawg.

  5. hey Michael…you look REALLY SEXY in your pics!!!lol…did you get any of those sweaters from Germany?? lol i hope you have a great senior year!!!

  6. Hey michael!!! omg i love ur pics. they are hott!!….haha well have a good senior year!!! Hope to see u soon!

  7. Hey, Michael! I love the pictures. They turned out really great. Can’t wait to see you again during speech and SADD. You’re so awesome to hang with. Hope to see you soon. Have a great senior year.

  8. Hey You!!! I havent talked to you forever!! I can’t wait to see u at state Sadd man. Its gonna be great. We’re gonna have an awesome time. Your pics look good tho!

  9. Michael you look so hot! Just think, I could of killed you on the way to Turtle Lake when we hit that deer and you wouldn’t get to pose for any more sexy pictures…


  10. hey your pics look great. you kinda make jealous, b/c i wish that my pics were that great. i hope to see ya soon

    luv erin

  11. i michael the pictures look great would you sent me some please. and try to get some of the other seniors to send some to me too, please!!!!!!!!!
    love linda


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