Thursday Night Super Post (TNSP)

In keeping with the tradition of letting our blog entries build up until the point that they are ready to explode and then we make a giant post of a whole bunch of different things, we come to you – our faithful blogerites and offer you up a slew (or maybe it’s slough – judges say…slough is to cast off, slew is the past of slay, and it also means to turn, veer or skid…judges say use another word, and go back to school – the other word will be) stew (which is a dish with meat and vegetables served with gravy – this too does not seem to be appropriate, but I like it) how about a plethora (for those of you not following along with your dictionary is an excessive quantity of fullness; also a protrusion…now that just doesn’t sound right, but I’m going to stick with it) of posts.

So, strap down and let the good times roll.

Author: otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


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