Nathan…January Nathan! (TNSP v.3)

This past Wednesday we were paid a visit from a new friend to Otis & James (we can never have enough friends), Nathan! As their are multiple Nathan’s out there in blog land, let’s think of this Nathan as January Nathan – but only think of him on the blog as this, in real life I’m sure that he would just like to be known as Nathan.

We had a great time (actually, it was more of the James & Nathan show as Otis was scampering to and fro most of the time), but James assures me that they did have a great time! Well, I think we need to put our eyes to rest from looking at all of these letters, and we should move on to looking at pretty pictures – Enjoy!

All Images ©2006 Otis & James Photography

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6 thoughts on “Nathan…January Nathan! (TNSP v.3)”

  1. Your mom emailed these photos to me. What a stud you are! ha! It’s great to see you even if it’s in photos.
    Love ya,

  2. Wow I loved the pics!! My fav was the football one too…you have grown from the little boy that I first met to a wonderful handsome man…you impress me soo much…

    Kell :O)

  3. Mr. Nathan! How cool! You are such a stud and have great pictures. I like the track ones and all the smiles!


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