Heather…One More Time! (TNSP v.2)

This past Tuesday we had the great pleasure of working with our old friend (that makes it sound like she’s old, but I promise she is not) Heather!

She came down to the studio for some good old fashioned photo-graphs, and even brought along a special guest star (also known as brother, or for those of you that practice the ancient art of kool, you could say brough-ham!) In addition to this studio rocking, we also visited another old friend – the white bridge! It made us nostalgic for the summer days of many senior portraits. Soon, my friend…soon we will return.

As is her standard practice, she came here and completely and totally rocked it up, and we found out that this art of rocking is genetic as her brother (brough-ham) is also versed in the ways of rocking. Instead of talking about it, let’s just get to the goods – Enjoy!

All Images ©2006 Otis & James Photography

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