This past Saturday we welcomed to our studio Lucas and his and his gang of Lovely Ladies (Mom, GF and Aunt)! Good men usually come with good women, and this was true all around – Lucas was great to work with and everyone couldn’t have been any easier to work with!

We had a great time working together, and Lucas tore it up crazy style in the photographic department. We would like to thank one and all for making a little Otis & James time for us, and would now like to gaze at the goods – Enjoy!

All Images ©2006 Otis & James Photography

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  1. Great pics Luke!! Handsome as ever! Crazy we were here at the same time, huh?
    Jayme Diffely and Sydnie

  2. Can’t believe this is my son. For someone who hates to take pictures, you look great!!! And to Matt and Jaime, thank you so much, we had a great day, and you definitely brought out the best in Lucas. We will be sure and let everyone know how great “Otis and James” is!!!!!

  3. Could my little brother BE any hotter??? I think not!!! Good thing he has good genes…haha…and the AWESOME photographers helped!!! The pics are awesome, Lucas… I’m jealous that I’m not as photogenic as you!! 😉

  4. Hey!! Those are some awesome pics! You do look quite studly lol! I’m sure the rest’ll be just as good! Can’t wait to see em!

  5. Luke–You’re pictures are so cool! They did an awesome job! You look pretty cute!;) Show me the rest when you get them:) Judging by these I’m sure they’ll be just as cool!

  6. Hey lukie pukie (or however you want to spell it) your senior pictures look like they are going to be great! and I can’t wait to see the rest of them, cuz u look pretty awsome! lol-let me know when u get the rest

  7. Hey Luke! These are great pics! You’re astud! haha… Photographers did a great job! now all you havetodo is add the sexy shirt picture! LoL!

  8. Nice pictures Lucas, Hope you do great in the Airforce. You look like your in shape, keep training yourself and keep a upstream attitude. My family and I wish you a safe and eventful Graduation. Wish I could be there! If your ever in Afganistan, look me up 😉

  9. Hey Lukey!! I lOvE the pictures! You look very handsome! Im glad we got the chance to get to know each other. Im sure you will be great in the Airforce and everything you do! Good Luck in the future and have a great senior year!
    yours always and forever– Molly 😉


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