Desert Ice @ Otis & James!

We concluded our day this past Saturday with a visit from the Desert Ice Dancers (which if you look at the group pic below are Libby, Corinne, Aisha, Beth, Ashley and Alyssa)! This was indeed not an everyday Otis & James occurance, and the studio was rocking with a beat that was far more exotic than it’s usual 4/4 way.

One of the reasons for the photographs was because they wil be performing on Valentine’s Day (that’s February 14th for those of you that aren’t aware of this new-fangled holiday) at the Dakota Inn – which is located next to Homesteaders restaurant. According to information provided, there will be performances in the Turkish, Egyptian and American Styles of Middle Eastern Dance (aka Bellydance.)

We had a great time watching and working with this talented group, and we’re sure that anybody that attends this performance will have a great time! Well, enough of all this typing, let’s get on to the snaps – Enjoy!

All Images ©2006 Otis & James Photography

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  1. I love the pictures! From a fellow ND bellydancer, I think it’s so cool to have a troup so close.

  2. Thank you so much for such an awesome photo shoot! The pics turned out wonderful with just the look we were going for. I can’t wait to see how the follow up solo shoots will turn out.

    (You can’t even tell I’m 6 months pregnant in the veil pic!)


  3. Beth, you and the troup look great. Can’t tell that you’re six months pregnant at all. I wonder what that boys going to think when he hears he spent the first nine months of his life belly dancing with a troup of good looking women. Boy wouldn’t that be something to tell about for show and tell. I can see his first grade teacher when he brings you for show and tell. That school will be rocking. Well I can’t wait to get up and see you all in May-June. Phyllis is here beside me laughing at me while I type. Just a male perspective on all of this.

    Here’s Phyllis,

    Excellent pictures. I am so glad they turned out so well. Your daddy printed one out of you in blue and I think I may steal it from him or get him to print another one. I hope the other women in your troupe enjoy their pictures too – I thought the one of Libby & her veil was exceptional. Can’t wait to hear about your Valentine show. You will have a lot of fun for a good cause and it will be just the beginning.
    Hats off to Otis & james for their great photography!


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