Tonight, or late this afternoon, or at some time during both times, or really at any time since you’re just going to have to take my word for it that it really did occur during these times, and in all reality the time that said events did happen to happen at really doesn’t matter all that much, other than that they really did happen, but this is really just bordering on existential type talk, and as the sign clearly states there is none of that rabble rousing allowed here. Plain and simple, none of that.

Putting all of that aside and looking back on the events of these said times, it would seem that we were visited by a new friend of Otis & James, that indeed, the Otis & James Center for Hot Air Ballooning and Cat Grooming was given the gift of working with none other than the one and only, the lovely, the talented, Jenny!!!! This totally hep cat (she really isn’t a cat, for all you squares out there – and I know you’re there – this is just a colloquialism used by all the Kööl Kids, so get with it, man) came to our little section of Downtown and rocked it up, rocked it up, and rocked it up. That’s three. Three!

We had a great time working with Jenny, as we toured stanky basements, listened to the ramblings of Otis (which there seem to be more and more of), and eventually created a new dancing phenomena called the washin’ machine (which includes both the agitator and spin-cycle)!

Where is all of this leading to? It’s leading to us saying that we had an absolutely wonderful time working with Jenny, and we thank her for stopping down and visiting us! As the time has come for my epic story of Jenny to conclude, I leave you with this thought – Enjoy!

All Images ©2006 Otis & James Photography

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  1. Michael – I think you should know that about one minute before Matt made this post I said to him, “Do you think Michael is sitting at home right now, refreshing the page until Jenny’s pictures are posted?” – I guess I was right! Love you Michael!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So, Im a totally random person who checks the blog everyonce in awhile to look at all the new stuff and I just wanted to say I love your pics!

  3. sister christian you look sooo cute i want a copy of the chair one!!!! vintage!!!


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